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    Become a Brand Ambassador

    Recruiting Fitness Influencers

    We here at Motivated Vision Fitness are excited to share that we recently launched a brand ambassador program! We are looking for only the most motivated and driven athletes to represent our brand. The benefits of joining our team are limitless... continue reading to learn all about what we can do for you!



    Some of the benefits you will receive as a Motivated Vision Fitness Brand Ambassador are: 

    • 10-30% off all items for yourself, a lifetime perk!
    • For beginner ambassadors, every sale you generate, you receive 30% of the commission. (For selling $500 worth of items, receive $150)
    • For senior ambassadors, every sale you generate, you receive up to 75% of the commission. (For selling $500 worth of items, receive $375)
    • We also have a 24/7 support team here to aid you with any questions


    Limitless Opportunities

    There are no drawbacks to joining the program; at the very least, you are now a brand ambassador for a new and upcoming fitness brand! How awesome is that! The potential you currently have from this is limitless, and you can make an entire living based only on these commissions. 

    The more sales you generate, the more rewards and higher commissions you will receive! Senior brand ambassadors receive as much as 75% commission, so the power is now in your hands! 


    Join Now

    We are recruiting the top of the top to join our team of fitness influencers! To become an ambassador, you need to sign up at this link:



    No payments are required. All you need is an email and the motivation to be on this team! 


    Premium Quality Only

    We use only the best quality materials in all of our products, we do not cut corners because we give our customers what they deserve.

    Fast Shipping

    We offer free global standard shipping along with various different shipping methods suitable and affordable for all backgrounds.

    30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    If you do not like our products, we will give you back your money within 30 days of the delivery, no questions asked!

    24/7 Customer Support

    We have an incredible team ready for questions all time of the day.