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    Motivated Speed Jump Rope

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    • You need the Motivated Speed Jump Rope because it is an incredible investment for your fitness needs. 
    • This speed rope makes cardio so much easier and more fun. 
    • Researchers say that using a jump rope can increase heart rate faster than 90% of exercise. When your heart rate is up, you are burning more calories, thus you will look, fitter. 
    • This speed rope will help you burn off that stubborn fat easily. 
    • The Jump rope is constructed of a stainless steel alloy and is 3 meters long. 
    • This product is a no brainer for those who want a Greek God figure. 

    • Premium Quality Professional Design: Aluminum alloy handles and PVC coated steel wire cable.
    • Fully adjustable: The jump rope is easy to adjust by using two sliding screws and collars that set the handles at a specific length on the cable. Cut off the excess cable length for convenience, you will have your own sized jump rope.
    • Easy to carry: The lightweight and small skipping rope are ready to go wherever you are and only requires a small space to jump in without weather or location concerns. We also prepare a free carrying bag for you
    • Jump Rope also is the best training exercise for WOD, MMA, cross-fit, improve your double under’s, and even triple under’s. 
    • You will never miss a cardio workout session.

    • Department Name: MEN
    • Type: Bearing Skip Rope
    • Material: Stainless Steel
    • Length: 3 m (Personal)
    • Function: Comprehensive Fitness Exercise


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